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Four Steps to Marketing Personalization That Work

Feb. 25, 2019

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Seize the opportunity to personalize the client experience

Digital marketing experts know the value of personalized marketing: using data analysis to tailor your message, content, and digital experience to the interests, needs, and behaviors of individual consumers. Effective personalization drives up conversion rates and customer engagement by delivering real-time, relevant content. 

However, despite the proven benefits of personalization, very few digital marketing teams are adept at delivering personalized experiences for their clients. 

Reingold offers personalization solutions to clients at every stage of developing targeted user experiences by assembling a set of cross-functional activities, roles, and behavioral data inputs to produce a dynamic, personalized experience that is relevant to specific users. The process requires dedicated resources, tools and workflows to monitor the efficacy of the user’s experience against conversion goals.

Our personalization approach relies on four key steps:

#1 Define what you know about your customer.

Before assembling the resources that a personalization strategy requires, first ask: Do I have enough data on our customer? A successful strategy is built on data analytics and user research to define distinct audience segments based on user behaviors, demographics, device preferences, and transactions. This audience segmentation step is paramount to set your strategy up for success.


#2 Develop content that compels consumers to act.

Consumers lead busy lives. The digital marketing that most quickly grabs your customers’ attention and drives them to conversion will always garner the highest return on investment (ROI). Effective marketing begins with relevant content informed by user data that connects with consumers where they are.


A survey of 350 marketing executives found that 65 percent deemed dynamic content as the most effective personalization tactic in their arsenal. Source: One Spot

In addition, content is a living and breathing component of your plan that should be optimized based on performance data. A/B testing of varied content and delivery channels is critical to identifying the right message for the right audience on the right platform. More than ever before, clients are focused on their ROI; A/B testing increases ROI by constantly evolving marketing strategies around content and channels that resonate with audiences and drive conversions.

#3 Choose the right platform.

Once you have done all the groundwork to establish a solid research foundation and content, you need to select the right platform to successfully execute, track, optimize, and report on the performance of your strategy. The right digital marketing platform should harness the full breadth of your user data as well as integrations and scalable functionality to optimize and evolve with the needs and behaviors of users.


Sixty percent of marketers struggle to personalize content in real time, yet 77 percent believe real-time personalization is crucial. Source: CMO.com

#4 Put together a winning team.

All the work to define audience segments, curate compelling content, and select the right marketing platform will be wasted if you do not allocate the human capital and resources to drive your personalization strategy across the finish line. Although ever-evolving technology continually increases automation, nothing can replace the insights of a skilled and experienced team that knows your business and can pivot to optimize your content and strategy based on user behavior.

Your team is the cornerstone of a productive personalization marketing strategy. As the market, technology, and user behavior evolve, the team needs to stay up to date on the latest trends and remain nimble enough to adapt as technology and user behaviors advance and shift.


Personalization can work for you.

Personalization is a powerful tool for driving engagement and increasing conversions. Customers — particularly business buyers — overwhelmingly respond at higher rates when marketing communications save them time and meet their needs.


65 percent of business buyers say they would switch brands if a company did not make an effort to personalize their communications. Source: Salesforce

Let Reingold be your company’s personalization strategy experts. We’ve assembled a suite of tools and a winning team of experts to produce best-in-class strategies for clients. To learn more about our capabilities and what our personalization solutions can do for you, contact Keith Dezern, vice president of strategy and business development, at kdezern@reingold.com.

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