Seeking a Communications Contractor? Ask These 5 Tough Questions

Oct 20, 2017

Posted by Rob Hennessy

Federal agencies seeking contractor support know the basics of procurement: Determine requirements. Verify licensing. Define the acquisition strategy. These are fine, for starters.

But if you’re looking for the ideal marketing and communications contractor, understanding only these basics is like being satisfied with a date night restaurant that a) serves food and b) passed a health inspection. 

With 30 years of federal contracting experience, Reingold has learned a lot about our clients’ needs, hot buttons, and parameters. If your agency needs communications support, be sure to ask these five tough questions that our clients use to choose the right partner.

Is marketing communications your core offering?

At Reingold, marketing communications is what we do. We’re not a subdivision of a subsidiary of a multinational professional services conglomerate. We specialize in end-to-end marcom services: market and formative research, branding, strategic planning, and campaign execution. We stick to what we know, using communications channels that audiences trust, and measuring results to continuously sharpen our tactics.

Does your past performance include data that proves you not only did the work but also made a difference?

Reingold’s project managers can be a bit pushy about data, because we believe it’s not enough to go through the motions. You need to get results. So we work with clients to define specific goals and objectives and then track metrics for gauging how well we achieved each one. We analyze data on not just who we reach but who we mobilize — to access information, join our client’s efforts, and do whatever it takes to achieve our objectives. Our portfolio is full of federal agency case studies and references demonstrating both performance and impact.

Can you produce multifaceted, integrated campaigns in-house?

A breadth of skills is key to delivering a truly integrated outreach campaign that leverages complementary tactics. Reingold comprises more than 250 experts, including PMPs, who specialize in strategic planning, video production, graphic design, web development, social media outreach, earned media, digital marketing, user experience design, and writing for results. Our team works seamlessly with each client to produce a unique solution. And our office is within the Washington beltway — so when a project needs to quickly ramp up, we call for backup with a walk (or when needed, a sprint) down the hall.

Can you ensure senior-level oversight and involvement for this project?

At least one senior Reingold leader is involved in every federal contract, from initial planning to deliverable reviews. Our partners and vice presidents guide project teams, lending decades of experience and ensuring that all technical, strategic, and financial objectives are met.

Why do you do what you do?

The most important question may seem fairly simple. At our firm, so is the answer: Our people actually care. Our partners are personally invested in causes like preventing veteran suicide, helping families navigate treatment options for childhood cancer, and promoting global health charities. Our staffers are dedicated to the missions of our government, advocacy, association, health care, and nonprofit clients. We’re working together to improve the lives of others.

When it’s time to select your next partner in federal marketing communications work, ask these five questions — because we know you care about your work, too.

We’re on a mission. Yours.