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Better Serving Users with Human-Centered Design

While had been live for years, CMS needed to enhance the user experience and better meet visitors’ needs. Reingold’s data-driven audience analysis produced user personas and recommendations that make it easy for CMS to optimize the site based on user goals and behaviors.

Better Serving Web Users with Human-Centered Design

The Mission must meet the needs of both eligible families and outreach partners. That means providing the right experience for a parent in California who’s ready to apply or a nonprofit executive in Kentucky learning about the initiative for the first time. CMS needed to consider the characteristics and goals of each audience in every design decision.

The Results

Reingold equipped CMS to optimize the user experience with user personas that describe website visitors, and journey maps that track their online behaviors — all built on analytics, keyword research, and stakeholder interviews. These snapshots show the typical goals, motivations, and challenges of users in each stakeholder group and map them to

Reingold’s turnkey strategic framework enables CMS to factor user needs and strategic goals into every facet of the website, while also considering our recommendations for optimizing the user experience, information architecture, content strategy, and technical infrastructure.