NFL Players Community

NFL Football Operations

Revolutionizing Player Engagement

The NFL Football Operations department shoulders a significant responsibility – engaging with the exclusive audience of current players and NFL Legends, along with their families. The mission was to create a personalized experience that provides information about benefits, resources, programs, and opportunities that they earned as a part of the exclusive NFL brotherhood. We were challenged with consolidating information from nearly a dozen sources and partners into one easy-to-use platform.

Our Approach

The NFL Operations team partnered with Reingold to revolutionize player engagement. The goal was to consolidate the fragmented platforms into one centralized hub for communication and support throughout a player’s NFL career and through his transition to life after the game, both on and off the field.

Together we created the NFL Players Community, a high-end, secure, and user-friendly website and app, designed to cater to each player’s unique journey. It incorporates a data-driven user experience, responsive design, and app functionality, all tailored to a user’s status as a rookie, active player, free agent, or Legend.

The Results

Since its launch in December: