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Over the past 30 years, Reingold has supported public outreach, education, and engagement campaigns for dozens of federal, state, and local government agencies, including all but two Cabinet-level departments. We provide large-firm capabilities and small-firm service, blending groundbreaking strategic and creative insight with strict adherence to government requirements. 

Reingold integrates and optimizes tactics to maximize the impact of every dollar our government clients invest. Our research-based initiatives augment audience and market analysis by testing messaging and concepts and monitoring their performance. Digital marketing efforts in particular yield analytics data and information on engagement and conversions that we translate into enhanced websites, social media content, and paid advertising.

From hyperlocal outreach efforts to multimillion-dollar national campaigns, our projects strategically inform and mobilize highly targeted internal and external audiences to achieve measurable results.

Branding and Positioning

To make an impact, government agencies — and their programs and initiatives — first need to establish their credibility and value among their core constituents. What do they offer? Why should target audiences care? Can they really deliver what they promise? Reingold brings market research and creative chops to brands that convey the right answers to those questions. Through graphics, imagery, and messaging, we align an agency’s mission with the needs and interests of the people it serves in a memorable and meaningful way. We specialize in:

Brand Development: Reingold develops brands that establish memorable identities and build loyal followings. For the General Services Administration, we created a unified parent brand to increase understanding of its offerings through cohesive visuals and consistent messaging. The new brand earned a 2017 National Association of Government Communicators award.

Positioning: Some agencies need to not only raise awareness but also overcome resistance to using their services. Reingold worked with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to reposition its suicide prevention hotline as the Veterans Crisis Line, lowering the threshold for Veterans to make the a call and stressing VA’s caring, confidential support — which led to unprecedented growth in call volume.

Public Engagement

To move audiences from awareness to action, government agencies need to deliver the right messages through the right channels at the right time. Reingold’s engagement strategies speak to each audience’s needs and interests, reach them wherever they are, and elicit a measurable response — such as clicking through to a webpage, signing up for an email list, starting an application, or attending an event. This engagement changes perceptions, then behavior. We strategically integrate:

Website Enhancement: User-friendly, search engine-optimized websites engage audiences and provide a destination for responding to ads and outreach. Reingold helped the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs increase enrollment in VA benefits by creating the Explore VA website, which streamlined complex information and applied user feedback and A/B testing to increase conversion rates by 72 percent. In less than two years, more than 5 million people visited the site, and more than 1.2 million of them started benefit applications.

Digital Marketing: Reingold is at the forefront of digital marketing, using web analytics and behavioral data to boost organic social media engagement with highly targeted paid advertising. In fact, Reingold was selected as the lead digital agency for the 2020 Census, connecting with every U.S. household and using the Census team’s predictive modeling to find, engage, and drive online census response among hard-to-reach populations. Reingold’s test census campaign in 2015 earned two AVA Digital Awards.

Partnership Development: Reingold specializes in identifying and enlisting champions and organizations that can reach and influence target audiences. For VA’s Homeless Veterans Outreach Initiative, we gained the active support of 6,000 national, state, and local partners, and within two years monthly calls to the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans increased by 214 percent.

Public Service Advertising: Reingold produces and pitches compelling PSAs that routinely achieve Nielsen rankings in the top 5–10 percent of PSAs in their time frames. To promote the Library of Congress Talking Books program, we paired paid digital advertising with a television PSA to help increase the number of monthly visits to the program’s microsite by 500 percent within six months. The project won MarCom and Communicator Awards for video.

Social Media Outreach: Social media is a powerful tool for leveraging peer influence and driving traffic to government resources, but success requires strategically rolling out timely, tested, and tailored content. For the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs campaign to help veterans overcome stigma associated with mental health challenges, Reingold created a Facebook page that pairs veterans’ inspiring stories of recovery with mental health resources. The page became the fastest-growing government Facebook page and earned three PR News Social Media Icon Awards in 2013 and a 2017 MarCom Award.

Public Relations and Events: To attract participants and achieve lasting impact, Reingold creates well-defined themes, powerful branding, and systematic, targeted promotion. For eight years, we worked with the Department of Education’s National Assessment Governing Board to transform more than 30 report card release events from routine press conferences on student scores to thematic live webinars that brought the data to life — increasing participation from fewer than 100 attendees to as many as 500 nationwide.

Media Relations: News coverage may seem like a low-cost way to raise awareness, but it takes significant effort to get media attention. Reingold’s media relations campaigns focus on specific objectives and targeted news outlets to make our clients a go-to source for information on breaking news. For a U.S. Department of Defense Connected Health campaign to raise awareness of its health and wellness apps, we wrote and pitched four news releases to 900 targeted outlets, garnering 938 pickups and reaching a potential audience of more than 80 million with each release.

Change Management

In a rapidly evolving policy environment, too often there’s a disconnect between the vision of innovative leaders and the actual priorities, understanding, and capabilities of their middle managers and front-line personnel. Reingold works with government agencies to bridge that gap, applying proven marketing principles to internal agency communications and promoting true dialogue to help move employees from awareness to understanding, buy-in, and finally adoption.

Strategic Planning: Change management requires a strategy for identifying resistance, providing information and tools, and incorporating feedback. In 2016, Reingold helped develop a Census Bureau five-year strategic communications plan that hinged on change management tactics to identify, share, implement, and support the application of best practices. We interviewed 40 staff members across the country and identified gaps in internal engagement and coordination. Then we produced a strategy for determining best practices; providing ongoing support to implement, test, and refine them; and creating tools to share them — including a comprehensive, searchable database of effective tactics and outcomes.

Internal Communications: Earning support for change requires continuous communication to address barriers and facilitate adoption. Reingold helped VA’s Office of Information and Technology transform its organizational structure and employee culture by unifying messaging across a siloed organization, showcasing division successes, and providing new divisions with tailored communications plans. We also helped establish a Leaders Developing Leaders program to clarify division roles and equipped influencers with materials to champion the change.

Collaborative Platforms: Government agencies both large and small struggle to connect employees across separate but related or overlapping programs. To build bridges across the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ 2,000 facilities nationwide, Reingold worked directly with end users to design, test, and roll out the VA Pulse collaborative platform. We promoted the community, sponsored in-person and online onboarding training, identified “super users” to encourage peer participation, and continually enhanced the user experience based on user feedback. VA Pulse became VA’s largest collaborative community, enlisting more than 190,000 users over five years.

Training: Many government initiatives provide training to teach their staff members and constituents to use valuable tools, but the key is to make it accessible and easy to use. Reingold’s training programs include clear and memorable visuals, interactive coaching, participatory exercises, and continual evaluation to make sure the lessons are well-understood — and stick. For the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, we converted the live TeamSTEPPS training program for health care teams to an accredited, interactive, Section 508-compliant online learning management system. Over five years, we attracted 15,000 learners with a 71 percent completion rate, compared with the 6 percent average rate for similar no-cost online training.

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