Service Members and Veterans

No one can match Reingold’s ability to drive Veterans and service members to the best resources available.

Our knowledge of the service member and Veteran space is fueled by unrivaled experience and the insights of leading subject matter experts, Veterans, and service members on our team. We do it by helping our clients define their niche and creating strategies to demonstrate their value to the very people who need their services the most.

We help our clients harness the targeting capacity of social media and digital technology to reach Veterans and service members where they are online and to focus on the things that will compel them to take action. We also use traditional forms of outreach such as community events and partnerships with trusted intermediaries to garner attention and increase credibility. Our tactics and messages connect with Veterans and service members even when they identify more with educational, family, or professional relationships than with their military background. From World War II Veterans to transitioning millennial service members, millions of people in the military community have responded to our outreach campaigns.


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Meg Krause

Vice President

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Alicia Schweitzer

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