MoneySKILL in the Classroom


Reaching, Engaging, and Motivating Educators

Today’s students need financial education, but many teachers lack the tools to provide it. The American Financial Services Association Education Foundation created the MoneySKILL curriculum to help educators fill the gap. To spur them to sign up for the program, Reingold created bold messaging and identified the best ways to deliver it — increasing the Foundation’s impact while reducing costs.

The Mission

Reingold created powerful ads and then tested the effectiveness of paid, earned, shared, and owned media tactics in driving sign-ups. We developed a highly targeted digital advertising campaign to reach a new network of educators on Facebook, while conducting an email outreach campaign to engage teachers in the Foundation’s database. We also used earned media outreach, disseminating timely news releases among education reporters and media outlets nationwide to grab attention and raise awareness of MoneySKILL’s value.

Facebook Educator Outreach Campaign

The Results

Using real-time response data, Reingold optimized digital advertising tactics and content to reduce the cost of securing an educator sign-up from $246.68 before the campaign began to $37.02 — an 85% reduction in cost. Our email outreach secured significant engagement as well, achieving a 24% open rate and 20% sign-up rate, but the campaign was limited by the inability to scale up without adding more supporters to the Foundation’s database.