RPM Careers


Building Tomorrow’s Workforce

Millennials are an ever-increasing segment of the workforce, yet many were not considering a career in residential property management. The NAAEI engaged Reingold to develop a public education and outreach campaign designed to raise awareness and job applications from college graduates ideally with experience in hospitality, retail, restaurants and building trades.

The Approach

Reingold began by conducting research into these key audiences, conducting focus groups and quantitative research. Based on these findings we reinvented the apartment industry as the Residential Property Management industry, a name far more appealing to the audiences we are seeking to recruit.



We then built a website where visitors could search for a job in their community and launched a digital advertising campaign to drive engagement and job searches.

The Results

Since launch the campaign has generated more than 500,000 job searches and more than a million website visits. Due to the ongoing optimization of our digital advertising, between 2015 and 2020 we reduced the cost of generating a visit to the website by 62% ($2.30 to $0.87) and a job search on the website by 55% ($6.94 to $3.13). This has resulted in $467,301 in additional “free” advertising for NAAEI over that time period.