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As the model of health care evolves, the movement toward patient-centered care demands communication with clinicians, administrators, and the people they serve. Reingold harnesses the power of technology and innovation to create real-life solutions for our clients at the forefront of enhanced health care delivery. We have the knowledge, skill, and sensitivity to distill complex information into concise messages that engage clinicians and drive patients to become more involved in their personal well-being.

Reingold helps clients transform and advance telehealth. We work with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to promote mobile applications and telehealth technologies that increase Veterans’ access to physical and mental health care. We also educate the public and policymakers about our clients’ lifesaving work through campaigns like When Seconds Count, which raised awareness of the pivotal role of physician anesthesiologists on surgical teams.

Our ability to communicate with clinicians, patients, and providers across entire health care systems helps us to improve lives across the country every day.


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