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Health care has changed. So should you.

Adapt to the new normal. Request a free consult with our experts.The COVID-19 pandemic only amplified and accelerated what nonprofits have been facing for years: declining revenue and eroding interest in traditional offerings. Reingold is a digital marketing agency that specializes in transforming how nonprofits deliver on their value proposition — through virtual advocacy, member engagement, revenue generation, and public awareness campaigns.

Talk to Reingold’s nonprofit practice leaders about proven ways to:

  • Optimize your advocacy strategy.
  • Mobilize members and address their new and emerging needs.
  • Reinvent revenue streams through virtual events and products.
  • Drive impact and response among key audiences.

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Vice Presidents Joe LaMountain and Katherine Hennessy

Joe LaMountain and Katherine Hennessy lead Reingold’s seasoned team of nonprofit consultants. They have helped dozens of nonprofits apply digital, creative, and technology solutions to efficiently deliver measurable impact. Are you ready?

Our Clients

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