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Sharpening Advocacy Messaging to Reframe the Debate

American Society of Anesthesiologists

When a growing number of state governments began allowing nurses to administer anesthesia without a physician’s supervision, ASA knew the issue required more than a piecemeal approach. With Reingold's help, ASA reframed the debate and brought the adoption of relaxed safety standards to a halt.


To many policymakers, health care providers, and patients, allowing the administration of anesthesia without a physician's oversight seemed like a good idea. Reingold's survey showed why: More than half of 2,500 respondents didn't know that anesthesiologists are physicians. ASA needed to raise awareness of the physician's vital role in anesthesia care to stem the rollback of safety standards. 


Based on a study we commissioned on stakeholder perceptions of anesthesia care, Reingold developed and tested audience response to various messaging points. The result: the When Seconds Count digital marketing and public education campaign. Through real-life accounts, we showcased, elevated, and ultimately protected the lifesaving role of physician anesthesiologists in patient care.

Since the campaign launch in 2013


adverse laws and regulations


comments in the Federal Register opposing a significantly adverse policy


increase in annual website visits

Case Studies

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